Brunch Box Packaging

Brunch Box Packaging


When we launched Brunch Box, we spent a lot of time agonising over the most environmentally friendly ways to package our products. It is still a work in progress, but we are doing our best to make kind choices for our planet. Thankfully there has been a lot of development in packaging over the last few years which we've been able to utilise.

What to do with the packaging:

🥚 Eggs: We happily accept back our 6- or 12-pack egg cartons, and the trays are returned to the supplier for reuse. If they are grubby or ripped, you can compost them. Worms love them, or they make excellent fire starters!  It's totally fine to save them up and return in a bulk lot.

🥣 Beans: This container is commercially compostable. We tried it in our home compost bin and it definitely needs the high heat to break it down. You are welcome to return the clean containers to us and we can make sure they get to the right place.

🍞 Bread: All of our bread, bagels and pastries come in a paper bag, so reuse, recycle or compost. Home St bread and pizza bases are packed in plastic - Home St is exploring alternatives. In the meantime, the wrapping can be recycled using the soft plastics scheme.

🌱 Greens: We use cellulose bags which are home compostable.

🧀 Halloumi: We use cellulose bags which are home compostable.

🥞 Pancake mix: The pouches are suitable for home composting.

🍫 Halo Balls/Good Bad Brownie: These are packed in sugarcane clam shell containers, and they compost at home too.

Slow Brew Chai/Maple Vanilla Hot Chocolate: We offer a $1 refund with each bottle return. Let us know before you make your next order and we can send you a discount code to use at checkout.

🥓 Bacon: Sadly this is one of the few plastic things that does have to go to landfill. There are advances being made here but MPI has requirements that makes progress quite slow.

Reuse the paper bags if you can, these are safe to go in the compost as well. Please also feel free to return the chill packs, as we always wash and reuse them. We are proud to say we have never bought chill packs, there are plenty enough in the world already available to reuse!