Five easy meal ideas with Smoky Butter Beans

Five easy meal ideas with Smoky Butter Beans

We all need a few quick meal ideas up our sleeve, especially during the busy season. Our Smoky Butter Beans are a super handy thing to have in the fridge or freezer as they're nutritious, filling and a real crowd-pleaser. If you aren't that fussed on baked beans, these are more smoky and savoury and definitely worth a try. They've converted many a non-baked-beaner, including some members of our family! 

Here are some meal suggestions using them:

1. Nachos: Serve with corn chips, rice, cheese, guacamole, and all the usual Mexican sides. This is our kids' favourite way to eat them, and the meal can be ready by the time the rice is done. Easy!

2. Over roasted veges: Bang some root vegetables in the oven with a good amount of salt and pepper or a sprinkling of Redspice, heat your beans, and serve with salad. Add some spicy chorizo sausage to amp up the flavour and increase the protein. Yum.

3. Spanish eggs: Heat Smoky Butter Beans in a frying pan on a moderate heat. Make some 'nests' in the pan and crack the eggs directly on top of the beans. Cover the pan and continue to heat until the eggs are cooked to your liking. Add salt and pepper, chopped parsley or coriander and a good grating of parmesan cheese over the top before serving.

4. Good old beans on toast: The ultimate in fast food! Heat the beans, toast the bread - and it's done! Add poached or scrambled eggs to boost the protein. The smokiness of the beans goes very well with the smooth creaminess of ripe avocado too.

5. Buddha bowls: A simple, tasty dinner-in-a-rush solution. What's in the fridge? What's in the pantry? Got condiments? You're set. Buddha bowls can include any combination of greens, avocado, tomatoes, Smoky Butter Beans, roasted veges or quinoa or rice, halloumi, shredded chicken, boiled eggs ... it really is about using what you have available. Top with hummus, dressing, mayo or toasted sesame oil, and add something for crunch. That could be corn chips, toasted pita, or some roasted nuts or seeds. Voila!