Getting the best from your sourdough

Getting the best from your sourdough

A quality sourdough is such a different experience to eat from standard supermarket bread, and its much better for you. Sourdough is a great source of nutrients and vitamins, is lower G.I, and higher in soluble fibre and protein.

As delicious as it is, it's not always convenient to eat the entire loaf in one day, so we've put together some tips for how to look after your sourdough.


Sourdough is best stored wrapped in a teatowel at room temperature, or if you are a regular sourdough eater, we highly recommend investing in an XL beeswax wrap. We've been experimenting and the results are impressive - using a wrap easily extends the life of the bread by 2-3 days. It stays noticeably softer using the wrap instead of a teatowel. We love the Little & Kind wraps, now available in the bread section. They come in 4 amazing prints, so not only do they take good care of your bread, but its like a party in your kitchen. 



If you're not going to get through your bread any time soon, feel free to pop it in the freezer. It freezes beautifully and if you freshen it up in the oven after defrosting, you'll barely notice a difference between your loaf and one baked fresh on the day.

Freshen It Up:

Use this method for older sourdough or if its been in the freezer.

1. Defrost bread if needed.

2. Heat oven to 160 degrees.

3. Flick some water droplets over the loaf, and pop it in the oven for 10 minutes.

4. Remove from oven when its heated through and allow to cool to room temperature.

Ta-da! Your loaf is back to its delicious best.