Halloumi Musings on a hot summer day

Halloumi Musings on a hot summer day

I have been thinking about halloumi recently. We love “squeaky cheese” (as my kids call it). They will often get it out of the fridge and pan fry a couple of slices and eat it straight out of the pan (but doing that dance when something is too hot to eat).  

I have made it a couple of times.  I have to admit it is not as good as the Whitestone Halloumi but home made has a sense of accomplishment and I love making cheese.  

Originally from Cyprus it has become a popular addition to brunch. It’s an interesting cheese to make. Once the cheese curds have firmed up, the cheese is either put straight into brine and becomes Feta or is poached in salted whey and then stored in brine to become Halloumi.

Anyway I was watching the children eating it straight from the pan dancing around the kitchen laughing at each other and thought about how I could make it even better.  

My daughter, Laine, decided that it would be good in a croissant. And we added a some fresh Mango slices and mint leaves. It was delicious! I did wonder about the mint and we discussed a squeeze of lemon instead, which is traditionally squeezed over cooked Halloumi to cut through some of the saltiness, but Laine wanted mint, and as it is with kids and charming smiles she got her way .

Jeremy added some home made Tamarillo chutney to his instead of the mango. He told me it was perfect.

I then decided I wanted to make a delicious croissant and mix it up a little and so after pulling out a few things from my pantry came up with this.  I am not great at writing recipes, almost everything I cook comes out of my head 

Halloumi and Bacon Croissant (makes 4)

Dried Oregano (or fresh if you have it) or Dukkha if you prefer that flavour (or anything really that you like!) 

4 slices of pumpkin, seeds and skin removed

8 Rashers Pirongia Bacon

200G Halloumi cut into 4 slices

Pop the Bacon, Pumpkin and Halloumi on an oven tray and sprinkle over the oregano (or seasoning of your choice), some olive oil, salt and pepper.  At 250C it will take about 15 mins for the bacon to crisp, the Halloumi to get nice and squeaky and the pumpkin to soften.

Serve this in a warm Croissant with condiments of your choice.  Done

I added some pesto and mesclun salad leaves.  But I also think simple mayo or aioli would be great.  You could put some chutney or relish in it.  Dress it up as much as you like!