How Brunch Box was born...

How Brunch Box was born...

Brunch is the best, right? Weekends are for relaxing, browsing the markets, picking up fresh ingredients and heading home to cook a delicious meal - or visiting a cafe to try something new. Weekends are for afternoon naps if you feel like it, and in the evening maybe grabbing a bite before heading to the movies, or dining out with friends. Weekends are amazing.

But our beloved routine changed drastically when our children arrived. Hot tip: having children and relaxing are not compatible.

Like most parents, our life with littlies consists of constant child wrangling, negotiating, monitoring, chasing and sometimes actual wrestling. As our darlings progressed from babies into toddlers, cafe and restaurant experiences became an exercise requiring military level planning. Pack a bag, load the car, find a park, stalk a table, order and cross fingers you've chosen the right thing, hope it arrives before your children trash the place. Getting a lively curious two-year-old to sit for any amount of time was an impossibility.

On one memorable occasion, we took turns to walking our son around the outside of the building so that at least one of us could eat their meal in peace. Meanwhile the other parent was getting hangry, their food was getting cold, and we were both dreaming of a time when we might actually be able eat simultaneously and maybe even - gasp! - have a conversation.

So, spending chunks of money on a decidedly average experience quickly lost it's appeal, but all was not lost. We set about refining our brunch skills at home, and pretty soon we weren't missing the café lifestyle. Our meals consisted of the tastiest, freshest ingredients we could find. Brunch was ready when we were, so we could eat when the littles were napping or busily occupied. Brunch was a very satisfying experience in the comfort of our own home - even in our PJs if we wanted!

Our kids are older now, but we remember the early years well, and that was our inspiration for starting Brunch Box. Delicious premium ingredients delivered to your door, easy to prepare, and cook when you're ready.