Recipe: Redspice Mushrooms

Recipe: Redspice Mushrooms

If you're looking for something to really make your mushrooms sing, this is the recipe for you. Redspice and mushrooms pair together beautifully, and the best thing about this recipe is that it is very forgiving. Just use what you have in the kitchen and you'll be enjoying a delicious brunch quick smart. We like to use a mix of white button mushrooms and portobello for extra flavour.


150-200g mushrooms 

1 tsp Redspice

3-4 tbsp of milk (cow, oat, almond, whatever is handy)

1-2 tbsp of cream/coconut cream/coconut yoghurt/plain yoghurt

Oil for frying


Fresh chopped herbs (optional, we use basil/parsley/oregano)

Baby spinach 


Heat a frying pan to medium-high heat and add the oil. Slice the mushrooms and add to the pan, cooking them until they begin to soften. Add Redspice, milk and yoghurt/cream, and turn down the heat to simmer, stirring intermittently. The sauce is ready when it's thickened. Stir through fresh herbs and/or spinach (if you have them) and your mushrooms are ready to serve. These pair great on a couple of slices of sourdough and some poached eggs - but the choice is yours.