How to make amazing guacamole

How to make amazing guacamole

If you'd like a change from chips 'n' dip, guacamole with corn chips is a tasty and much healthier alternative. A few crucial ingredients can take your guacamole from average to amazing - it's all about the seasoning!

Here's our recipe for the perfect guacamole:

Redspice Guacamole

2 x ripe avocados

Juice from a lemon or lime

Bunch of roughly chopped coriander

Dash of hot sauce (Tabasco or sriracha works well)

1 tsp of Redspice

Salt and pepper to taste


Cut avocados, remove skin and stone, and add to a bowl. Mash roughly with a fork. Add lemon/lime juice, chopped coriander, hot sauce, Redspice and salt and pepper. Combine ingredients, taste and adjust to your preference - does it need more lemon, hot sauce, or Redspice?

Serve with a good quality corn chip as a snack, or alongside Smoky Butter Beans with nachos, tacos, chilli con carne, or any other meal that could use some extra zing.