Wild Wheat Spent Grain Sourdough


This sourdough from Wild Wheat has a very cool story. Citizen makes a pale ale and a pilsner beer, which they produce by using leftover bread. Each brew has 280 loaves added to it, saving 25% of their usual malted barley, saving resources and lowering emissions. Then, they use the brew mash to make a Spent-Grain Sourdough. Amazing, right? These products feed each other, and use ingredients that would otherwise gone to waste or feed stock.

The bread is a full flavoured malty delight, quite different to our other breads. High in protein and fibre, lower in carbs, keeps moist for days. 

To learn more about storing and refreshing your sourdough, click here.


White flour, water, sour starter (water, white flour), biga (white flour, water, yeast), beer flour, rye flour, iodised salt, aromat, yeast