Our Story

Brunch - it's the best, right? Brunch is a lazy weekend morning spent unwinding with a delicious feast. It's time to relax, rest, and tuck into a leisurely meal with family and friends. Brunch is space to recuperate from the busy days previous, and it's the pause before you launch into another productive week.
Brunch is so much more than just a meal: it's an occasion.


We are brunch devotees, but we found the cafe experience wasn't quite the same with our wee ones tagging along. While it was fantastic having someone else cook for us, it just wasn't a relaxing time. We bought the kids food - they didn't eat it. They couldn't sit still. They were melting down waiting for the food to arrive. Our precious brunch had become stressful. We wanted to recreate a restaurant quality experience at home, with minimal effort and maximum taste. And we wanted other people to be able to enjoy that too.


We began the hunt for premium ingredients, searching throughout Auckland to find the best free-farmed bacon, the most delicious bread, and fresh eggs that were ethically produced. If we couldn't find it, we made it ourselves. Many of our products, such as the Smoky Butter Beans and the Good/Bad Brownie, can only be found here at Brunch Box. Wherever possible, we've reduced sugar and carbs, sweetened using sugar alternatives, and converted recipes so they're gluten- and dairy-free. We're especially proud of our vegan Halo Balls, an inspired twist on standard bliss balls and a healthy but decadent treat.


We've also put a great deal of thought and effort into sourcing sustainable packaging. Being kind to the planet is a core part of our business values and the world definitely doesn't need any more plastic introduced if we can help it. That's why 99% of our packaging is compostable - we use glass, cardboard, paper, or in compostable packaging with biodegradable labels.  Enjoy your meal, and then turn all those packages back into dirt. A guilt free experience!


What we hope is that Brunch Box will become an oasis in your busy life, something that makes your weekend shine. Brunch should be an epic meal, leaving you happy, satisfied and fulfilled. We'll bring the cafe to you, and you can get on with having a truly superb weekend!


-Jeremy and Sam (The Brunch Box crew)